Outlaw Racing KTM65 Oversized Brake Pads

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Product Information

Tired of the typical KTM65 brake pads bending and wearing out too quickly? The Outlaw Racing Brake Pads are oversized and will out last and perform standard brake pads. The typical KTM65 brake pads tend to bend inward when they wear out, Outlaw oversized pads are made for an even wear and solid structure to prevent this from occurring. The metallic sintered pads offer more controlled braking; these pads are a must for a KTM65.

These brake pads do not utilize the stock spring clip. When removing & installing rear wheel, make sure brake pads are still mounted correctly in caliper when replacing wheel. -FITMENT- KTM 65 04-08 COBRA KING 50 04-08 COBRA DC 65 06 KTM 50 SX PRO SENIOR LC 04-08 KTM50 SUPERMOTO 06 KTM XC 65 08

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